Talking about crucial pieces of scuba gear. And expensive too! Well, here’s one for you; the regulator. It requires thorough homework too before you make your investment. You’ll be wanting a lot of information. It’s really worthwhile to ask advanced divers and to consult objective reviews.

Regulators are sophisticated pieces of scuba gear. What they have in common, regardless of brand and budget, is high-performance. Yes there are entry levels on the market, so are mid-range and high end categories.  But thank Neptune, it’s all about refind techniques with no room for riff-raff and dubious manufacturers.

Your regulator basically converts the high-pressure air in your tank to ambient pressure; so you can breathe it. So it’s lool an air device. Your regulator also distributes air to other parts of year gear, like your buoyancy control device an the altenate second stage.

Your diving regulator system comprises various components. We have the first stage with second stage, the low pressure inflator hose and the high pressure submersible pressure gauge, SPG for short. By the way,you can purchase  each component separately, based on your priorities and preferences.

What do recognised top-rated regulators do? They are capable of delivering a high volume of air at depth; as well under heavy exertion, even at low tank pressures.

During your research you will come across terms as balanced and unbalanced regulators, pistons, diaphragms. It’s highly advised to make yourself familiar with these terms to prepare yourself for making the right decision.

Did you know there are regulators that are designed for cold water use and others are light weight regulators for warmer water. You see how delicate your choice is? Did you know there are regulators made from lightweight materials, tailored to the preference of whise divers who frequently travel by plane?

Although not being the most charming and appealing part of a regulator set, the mouthpiece is of paramount importance. It has to fit very comfortable; it’s as plain as that. It’s good to know there are customizable mouthpieces on the market. They come in specifically handy for divers who suffer from discomfort from having to hold a regulator in their mouth over a longer period of time. Those mouthpieces are moldable to your jaw bite and teeth placement.

Don’t just buy an appealing looking regulator from the store shelf. You’ll regret it. Try them in real-time diving situation. You can’t tell the performance of a regulator underwater by breathing on it on land. Never buy a specific regulator just because you like the looks of the mouthpiece. Parenthetically, did you know there are orthodontic designed mouthpiece out there for comfort?

It’s always a good idea to understand how your scuba gear works. You must make yourself familiar what ‘how things work’. Once you have grasped the bare essentials of regulators you are able to make a calculated choice. The best regulator choice is different from diver to diver. It largely  depends on what type of diving you do.

In making an informed choice you may acknowledge three divisions in the regulator market. They are:

  • Budget/entry levels modules
  • Mid-range models
  • High-end/Top-end models

Each category is not only characterized by its own budget, design and finishing quality but also divison in pro’s and cons. Here’s a cross-section of those points.

  • Ease of breathing in all body positions
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort
  • Built/design
  • Nitrox compatible
  • Weight
  • Attention to detail
  • Breathing
  • Performance
  • Environment friendly
  • Orthodontic mouthpiece

The temperature of the waters you plan on diving is one of the decisive factors when deciding between diaphragm and piston and diaphragm regulators., piston regulators are exposed to the surrounding water, unless noted as environmentally sealed.

If you are a sucker for ‘arctic’ temperatures, you definitively want to select a balanced diaphragm scuba regulator. These are sealed off from the cold water and will better prevent your regulator from freezing.

Good luck with choosing your right scuba regulator gear. It’s a solid investment to say the least and you wouldn’t want to rush into things. Breath in, breath out, relax and make the proper choice!

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