Judging by the vaste array of snorkels on display in shops, stores or outlets, one might be tempted to think snorkels don’t let you win a beauty contest. It’s just a bend soft of hard plastic tube isn’t? Basically yes, but don’t let your eyes deceive you.

Let’s kick in a wide open door. The most important thing when buying a snorkel is that you feel comfortable with. It’s as simple as that.

There’s isn’t a tremendous choice of snorkels for nothing. Today, most types of snorkels have silicone nozzles and tubes. They are soft and flexible.

Length and thickness of the snorkel are important features to consider when choosing. Thin snorkels cause breath resistance. If a snorkel is too long or too thick you run the risk of producing oxygen-poor air since exhaled air may conflict with inhaling air.

Generally speaking, the length of the snorkel ranges from 35 and 45 centimeters. The inner diameter is somewhere between 1.9 and 2.5 centimeters.

What you must be looking for is a mouthpiece that comfortably suits the shape of your mouth. Just try it on first before you make any decision.

So, for short, we recognize the standard old-fashioned tube snorkel,the semi-dry snorkel, the dry snorkel and the roll-up snorkel. A semi-dry snorkel has a cover designed to deflect water on the surface, but will still flood if the diver chooses to submerge. Dry snorkels have floating valves that close when the diver submerges. In many cases, this valve type will prevent the snorkel from flooding.

Make yourself familiar with the basic features of different types of snorkels. When flooding is a minor issue, your best bet would be a regular tube or the semi-dry snorkel. If however flooding is perceived as a problem or demed uncomfortable, go for the dry snorkel.

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