Oh, there are so many out there, varying in design, size, weight, etc. You need fins to move swiftly and gently through water. Really, choosing the right pair of fins is of paramount importance to prevent muscle fatigue and cramping. Good fins contribute to the joy of diving. Let’s help you to understand the basic factors.

Here’s where your physique plays a big part in your ultimate choice. When you have athletic and muscular legs you’re likely to find comfort and efficiency with a bigger, more stiffer fin. When you are smaller or less well trained, surely you’ll benefit more from smaller and more flexible fins.

Smaller divers or less conditioned divers will be more comfortable with smaller, more flexible fins. Finally, make sure buckles and straps are easy to use.

You must have noticed there are full-foot fins and open-heel fins. Now, which one to choose?

Full-Foot or Open-Heel Fins

Open heel fins do not have a tight foot pocket, but are open at the back and have an adjustable strap. You step in your fin as it were and the strap keeps your foot in place. There are models with a short footbed and a long footbed. The sizes are usually displayed from XS (extra small) to XL (extra large). Open heel fins are suitable for use with diving boots or diving shoes and are therefore also used to dive (and snorkel) in colder waters. Open-heel fins come in handy in areas of shore diving if you need to walk on terrain with awkward conditions.

The full-foot heel fin is generally lighter and are equipped with more flexible foot pockets. You don’t need dive booties with full-foot fins and are very well suited for warmer and tropical waters where colling-off is no issue. Try them on before you purchase a set and practice in confined conditions. Full-foot fins are not adjustable; they fit or they don’t.

Full foot fins are popular with snorkelers. At the end of the day, they are easier to slip on and off, and, not entirely unimportant, are generally less expensive.

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