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As part of the celebration of the International Women’s Day, we are happy to announce that on July 15 the official Day of PADI Women’s Divers  2017 will take place! Women’s day dedicated to diving is an initiative aimed at eliminating a certain gender gap existing in the diving community. We invite women from all over the world to dive with us when they come to the local dive center or PADI resort on this day to enjoy diving and share joy with friends and family.

And when asked Rocio Gayon, PADI AmbassaDiver, why she considers Women’s Day is a special day:

“Women have always had the function of communication and development. From the very beginning, women were responsible for transferring knowledge to the younger generation, and also kept the family, connecting people together. Women in diving are very important, because we are strong, caring and strong on the ground. We – like a cement, connecting the diving community. Day of Women-Divers PADI is a day of people’s unity “.


The Day of Women-Divers is also needed in order to recognize the huge contribution of women to diving throughout its history. Such women as the legendary oceanographer, researcher and founder of the “Mission Blue” foundation Sylvia Earl:

Thanks to thousands of inspirational participants last year, the number of participants in PADI Women’s Day has nearly doubled since our first inaugural celebration, and we hope to keep this momentum in 2017 as well.

Therefore, invite your friends to join us on this day, when we will congratulate YOU and other daring women who have met in your life and where able to take the next step forward. Stay toned and follow Egypt Divers in Facebook to get our latest offers and news.

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