Shaab Ishta

Shaab Ishta , Hurghada

Shaab Ishta is the residential home of a rich population of scorpionfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish and angelfish.

Dive Site Details

Shaab Ishta is the residential home of a rich population of scorpionfish, parrotfish, butterflyfish and angelfish. It is a favorite hunting ground for large schools of barracuda.

Shaab Ishta Dive Site or Shaab Eshta Hurghada

Shaab Ishta, sometimes referred to as Shaab Eshta, is 45 minutes to one hour from Hurghada. It basically encompasses two ergs, one small and one large. Ishta means ‘cream’  in local parlance and is also a local term of phrase , denoting ‘cool’ in English.

At Shaab Ishta the sea is usually calm with a light current, except in the channel between the two ergs. The depth here is from 7 meters to 12 meters.

Shaab Ishta Location

The site is located in the area of Magawish. Relatively speaking, she is protected by the Giftun islands. But still, it can be choppy on the day. Shaab Ishta is suitable fot any level of diver and even excellent to enter training level.

Shaab Ishta and what to expect form this dive

Sometimes current can play a role when you funnel through the narrow channel with tides moving in and out. However, normally it is not strong enough to cause any significant hazard. You do a figure of eight here and you will be doing fine.

A narrow channel here separate two ergs. The smaller erg is to the west and the bigger one is to the east. This pinnacle is shaped like a a heart. Leading up to the top is a canyon-like passage.

Small clusters of coral blocks and table corals are dispersed over the sandy flats here and dominate the closer perimeter.

The bottom here is largely decorated with gentle swaying turtle grass. Head out into the turtle grass beds, where you’ll find a wide variety of unfamiliar fish.

The underwater decor is truly fascinating with lionfish, bluelined emperors, southern stingrays, turtles and sea horses.

As if that is not enough, the gap between the ergs provides enough space for goatfish, sweetlips, snappers , stonefish, humpback scorpionfish and crocodilefish.

At Shaab Eshta schools of barracuda often hover over just below the surface. They are waiting for food to swim by. The sandy bottom is the natural habitat for gobies in symbiosis with their shrimps.

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